We are an apartment renovation architect in New York, with extensive experience of designing apartments. As apartment combination architects, we create ingenious, imaginative and sustainable designs within existing structures including co-op, condo and landmark preservation buildings.

Our Apartment Renovation Services:

Schematic Design
We will listen closely to your needs and wishes to propose a few plans that are tailored to you, beautiful and functional.

Budget and Schedule
We will assist you in creating a realistic budget and will monitor it in collaboration with our trusted network of contractors and engineers.

Building and DOB Approval
We will create the needed plans and specifications to obtain approval from your building as well as the Department Of Buildings (DOB) and the Landmarks and Preservation Committee (LPC).

3D Photorealistic Renderings
We can provide 3D photorealistic renderings to visualize how the space will be transformed at the end of the project and to help us collaborate with our clients in the design process.

Bidding and Contractor Selection
We will create a full set of Bid Documents and Specifications to use for bidding with a number of pre-approved general contractors. We will review the bids with you and assist you in the selection of the right contractor.

Site Supervision
We will have set weekly meetings with the contractors, engineers, and the client, to make sure the construction proceeds smoothly and to answer any questions. We will monitor the contractors’ progress and review the GC’s payment requests to protect the clients from overpaying.

Studio ST Architects has two decades of experience working with apartment owners and new buyers to create their dream homes. We work on luxury apartment renovations, as well as many apartment combinations with a tight budget. We partner with each client to design spaces that fit their lifestyle.

We understand that every apartment is unique and so is each owner or family. Interior renovations or apartment combinations offer great opportunities to reimagine spaces and tailor them to our client’s vision, and each apartment comes with its own unique set of challenges, calling on different expertise.

We partner with clients to understand how they want to use their space, what their budget is, and their scheduling constraints. We have a deep understanding of the challenges, complexities, and costs involved in renovating in New York City, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

We know that clients want to realize their vision while keeping to a schedule and budget. We know that renovating in Manhattan can be stressful and expensive. With our many years of experience, we guide our clients in this journey and assist them in the process. We feel proud of our clients’ and colleagues’ excellent reviews of their experience working with us.

We draw on many sources of inspiration to spark our creativity and help clients envision how their living spaces can create a sense of well-being, accessibility, and connection. As partners, we discuss how they can create sustainable designs by considering techniques and materials that limit the environmental impact on the planet.

At Studio ST we know what is involved in interior renovations and apartment combinations, and we have successfully guided many projects from beginning to end.