Duplex apartments provide a unique opportunity to create a comfortable home within the dense urban fabric of the city. Studio ST Architects has extensive experience combining and renovating New York City duplex apartments.

We will provide:

– A feasibility study to understand whether it is possible to combine two apartments into a duplex before and after purchasing a property

– A functional and aesthetic design, which reimagines how our clients use their living and or/working spaces within a duplex layout

– An assessment of a realistic budget created and monitored in collaboration with our trusted network of contractors and engineers

– Presentation of the design to condominium and co-op boards, the Department of Buildings (DOB), and the Landmarks and Preservation Commission (LPC)

– Plans and photo-realistic 3D renderings to visualize how the duplex will look and function at the end of the finished project – A schedule for design, approval process and construction phases, with project oversight throughout from design to completion

While technically an apartment, duplexes provide the feeling of a house within the convenience of the city. As duplex architects and duplex designers, Studio ST Architects has combined and renovated many New York City duplex apartments.

Studio ST Architects understands that many owners want larger spaces on multiple floors as it is possible to separate public entertaining and recreation spaces from quieter remote work areas and private bedrooms within a duplex home.

We have successfully designed gut-renovations for many duplex homes in NYC and understand the specific challenges that duplex designers and owners face. We have the knowledge and experience of what is required to design a duplex, as well as how to combine apartments to meet NYC building codes. Our expertise in duplex combinations also includes adding stairs, relocating bathrooms and kitchens, and installing skylights and central air conditioning to create your dream home.

We appreciate the complexities of how to get building approval in New York City. We offer an initial free consultation to clients considering buying a New York duplex and undergoing a duplex combination or renovation.

Our deep understanding of duplex architecture enables us to partner with a wide range of clients with different budgets to show them how to combine apartments into a duplex within condominiums, co-op buildings or townhouses. We lead our clients through the whole process, from beginning to end, including explaining what the rules are for landmark preservations districts.

We recognize that clients need living spaces that work for them and their evolving lifestyles. As partners, we discuss how to create communal spaces and private spaces, and how we can create sustainable designs, by working within the existing infrastructure of the building and by considering techniques that reduce environmental impact or through using sustainable or recycled materials.