Architecture of Israel magazine features MicroPolis’ innovative shade design

By Esther Sperber

news Recognition

Published: Architecture of Israel

Architecture of Israel magazine commended Studio ST Architect’s design for micro homes, as part of its feature on ingenious ways of dealing with sun and shade, through intelligent architectural design of buildings and inclusive urban planning. The highly praised micro housing competition entry, MicroPolis, addresses inequities in housing, which have been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. The proposal demonstrates how to creatively house key workers by maximizing units on the upper floors of currently unoccupied luxury condos, as well as provide ample usable outside space, which is coveted in densely populated urban centers, such as Manhattan.

The design is highlighted by Architecture of Israel magazine for its innovative approach to dealing with sun exposure and shade coverage on higher floor apartments, particularly in climates with extreme weather conditions. Studio ST Architect’s model encompasses strategic positioning of balconies and outdoor spaces to create sun and shade exposure and make effective use of indoor and outdoor spaces. The proposal is based on proper calculation of the balconies’ depth and the ratio between closed and open spaces, which enables self-shading, and provides the opportunity to use larger outdoor spaces for longer periods of time.

The positive physical and mental impacts of spending time outdoors have been recognized for a long time, and recent research has shown that access to outdoor spaces plays a significant role in reducing the spread of coronavirus. Micropolis is a vision for an equitable and inclusive city, for the many people who are the engine of this thriving metropolis, and not just the few who can afford it.

by: Architecture of Israel