Kids Learn Careers podcast interviews Esther Sperber on what it is like to be an architect

By Esther Sperber

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Podcast Interview by: Kyle Northcutt

On International Women’s Day, be inspired by my Kids Learn Careers podcast interview on being an architect and founder of Studio ST Architects. I had a blast being interviewed by 10-year-old Kyle Northcutt for his Kids Learn Careers podcast. He asked me questions about what an architect is, what is it like to be an architect and what I enjoy most and least about my job. We even discuss how much a new architect graduate earns after their studies. Listen to my interview to find out more about the life of a female architect, business owner and mother:

I was invited to take part in this unique project, developed and run by Kyle, to help children around the world discover more about the career opportunities available to them, through access to his virtual career fair. Started in 2020, school student Kyle has interviewed over 65 different professionals for his Kids Learn Careers podcast, featuring people from a wide range of backgrounds –  from a software developer to a python trainer – and everything in between.

My hope is that my journey will resonate with young people, particularly young girls from ethnic minorities. According to AIA studies published in 2021, currently only 17% of registered architects in the U.S. are women; only 2% identify as African American and 1% as Hispanic or Latino. I would love to see more women from diverse backgrounds, not just entering this male-dominated profession, but realizing that becoming a principal or owning their own architecture firm is within their sphere of possibilities. To find out more about my architecture business, visit

If you have curious children ages 7-12, check out this remarkable series of career podcasts by Kyle, and subscribe for your kids at Kids Learn Careers.

Photo © 2021 Bilyana Dimitrova