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Published Chapter in “The Ethical Turn: Otherness and Subjectivity in Contemporary Psychoanalysis”. Routledge Relational Series.

“Sylvia Lavin writes in her book “Kissing Architecture”:
“A kiss is the coming together of two similar but not identical surfaces, surfaces that soften, flex, and deform when in contact, a performance of temporary singularities.” (Lavin, 2011)

“I get a bit excited when reading Lavin’s phenomenology of kissing. Not only because kissing is arousing, but, also, because Lavin employs kissing to suggest a way for two disciplines to interact…I am excited to envision a place in which psychoanalysis and its acceptance of the disorganized human mind can kiss the thoughtful reasoning philosophy, the wonderment of religion and perhaps even the concrete usefulness of architecture.”

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Response to Lew Aron's Plenary Address
Psychology and the Other Conference
Lesley University, Cambridge MA

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